Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips From A Recovering Over Packer

Oh yes I am squeezing those 36 hours spent in a car for everything it's worth and getting yet another road trippin' out to ND post going. Lets start by saying I was once a major over packer, just ask anyone who has traveled with me! I'm not saying that I've completely gotten over my desire to just keep stuffing things in until I walk out the door, but I am getting better. Here are a few of my tips:
Tip 1: Take a smaller bag! When the airlines started charging for checked baggage my life as committed over packer was changed. I couldn't stand the idea of spending all that extra money, just to take more stuff for a long weekend. I now take only a carry on sized suit case for any trips less than a week.
Tip 2: Work in outfits. I start every packing adventure by making a list of the days that I will be gone, any events or special items needed. For example for this trip I needed something different for the rehearsal dinner than what I had worn all day on Friday so Friday got two sections on my sheet one for Friday during the day and one for the rehearsal. I list every item needed for each outfit, I then put each outfit in a pile everything from bar to shoes. Moving repeat items from pile to pile, just to make sure I have it all. Then everything gets packed away nice and tight.

Tip 3: Do you need to take fancy shoes? I like to pack nicer dress shoes in a shoe box so that they don't get smashed.
Tip 4: How not to forget toiletries - I like to pull out my handy dandy toiletries bag a few days before my trip and then over the next few days anytime I use something that I will need on my trip I put it in the bag. That way I know I wont leave anything behind and it's no big deal to live out of a toiletries bag for a couple of days.

Tip 5: You can buy almost anything you leave behind. It is really freeing to know you can pick up pretty much anything that you need almost anywhere you go.
Tip 6: Treat your jewelry like your clothes. I pack my jewelry just like I do my clothing, by outfit.
For example my jewels for the wadding. I also recommend picking up one of these little travel jewelry boxes.
Closing Confession: This is everything that I brought with me (oh and an un-pictured bridesmaid's dress). Because I was driving I allowed myself to bring a few extra bags, if I was flying I would have ditched my craft bag and packed an empty purse after putting all my pursey things (cell phone, wallet, ipod, etc.) into my computer bag.

So are any of you over packers? Do you have any great packing tips. I feel like packing is one of those things you just get better and better.

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