Friday, August 31, 2012

Be Kind

This is the closest that I get to a political post. It isn't even that political, but it was inspired by the quadrennial slip in to total madness happening on facebook or at the dining room table. So I thought what better time to bring my message to the world - Be Kind. Being kinds means to be friendly, generous or to have a warm-hearted nature, it means showing sympathy or understanding, it is to be charitable, humane and considerate, to be forbearing and generous. Be Kind to people you don't know, Be Kind to those you don't always like, Be Kind to those you love, Be Kind to yourself, because people are worth your understanding, your friendliness, your acts of charity, your generosity and your warm-heart.

See my philosophy is simple, every life has value and every person should to be treated as if you value them. I don't care what race you are, what your sex is, what your religion is, what your sexual orientation is, who you voted for, who you are going to vote for, if you are the president, the CEO of a fast food chain, my next door neighbor, if you are from Iran or if you are out there saying nasty things about others. I value you and I am going to act as if I do. That means I'm not okay with someone calling you evil or bullying you, I don't think it is funny to make fun of the way you talk or the size of your family, it means that I will always be respectful to and about you, even when I don't agree with you, even when you are working against that which I believe in. In return all I ask is that you do the same, because really, wouldn't the world be a lot better if we could all Be Kind. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Share: End of Summer Pinterest Finds

We can tell by the cool nights and the return of the school buses that summer is coming to an end. So before Labor Day weekend comes and we unofficially say so long to long days and hot nights, I wanted to share my current summer-y Pinterest faves. Clearly I have been inspired by the bright and happy colors of late summer. So think of these as an expression of the Dalia garden I wish I had blooming right about now!
This last one might actually be a sneak peek to fall, but I thought the beautiful colors of the veggies just fit perfectly with my bright and bold colors of summer theme. 

As always I'd love to know what you are digging right now. You can find more of my pinnings right here on pinterest.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Find: Vintage Sari Quilts

To say that I love these quilts made from vintage Saris is an understatement. I'm kinda obsessed with them right now. I first saw them last winter at one of those weird knock-off Homegoods or TJ Maxx kind of places (do you know what I'm talking about - they are like independently owned overstock sellers), but baulked at what I thought was kinda a high price ($69 I think). Ahhh if I only knew then what I know now.

I realize now that 70 bucks was a great price for a beautiful handmade bedspread and I have been dreaming about picking one up for my guest bedroom (and maybe another for my bedroom) ever since. It seems like a "normal" price for one of these beauty is between $150-$200, which is a little more than I usually shell out for, well anything that you can't sit or sleep on.
You can find them on etsy for $200ish dollars. I have also seen them on Joss & Main for $109, but word to the wise they sell out quick so if you see a sale pop up move fast (all the quilts pictured here are from Joss & Main, but were sold by the time I looked at the sale page).

Clearly I have a thing for the pink and blue mixes, but you can find them in a million veriations of bright and bold to soft and sweet colors.

I do not know about the history of blankets like this, but I like to imagine that this is a long standing art form that is just making it's way into the design world. I really hope they have been keeping folks warm for years and years.

Has anyone bought a Sari quilt? Do you think I was crazy to pass one buy for $70? Have you fallen head over heals for any design trends lately? I'd love to hear all about it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Share: Being "Festive" This Weekend

Heritage Festival weekend. Can't wait to poke around other peoples houses on the Home Tour, watch the parade and cheer on my favorite duck in the ducky race! Hope to see all you local folks around the park this weekend.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Live: Olympics

 So have you been watching. I've long been a lover of the Olympics, I like seeing people do something they are really good at and I'll admit I love the drama. I also like that every year there seems to be a new sport I can't get enough of.
This year we (my family and I) were way into women's beach volley ball. I was so glad that Misty and Kerri finished up with a win! And because my brother started running track I am very interested in the track and field events. 
But I haven't forgotten my first Olympic loves.
Dear gymnastics and swimming,
We are still cool!
Oh and I'm totally digging these Google doodles celebrating the athletic even du jour. The diver is my favorite!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Change: A Little Tweeking

I've been tweeking things around here. Changing up the colors - for something kinda inspired by my favorite pin. And adding a more user friendly about and contact section. So far I am diggin' the changes! Anyone else up to some blog tweeking this summer?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Share: My Favorite Snapshots from New York

 I wasn't that great about pulling my camera out while I was in New York, but I did grab a few shots I'm really digging. I'm trying to come up with a way to use a few around my house, when I do I will of course share the project here with you.

I have this thing about bikes on the street. I just love the way they let you know someone is there living a life.

Sigh, New York has never been one of those cities that I visit and then picture myself living there, but this place with it's over flowing window boxes had me wishing I could walk up those steps and call it home.

And if I lived in that house I would be able to pop over to the park just a few blocks away when ever I fancied. Now that would make me want to live there for sure.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Live: Weekend Trip to New York City

 Last weekend I took my third trip of the summer (that means that there is one my weekend away and a day trip left for those keeping track at home!). This time to NYC. My sister in-law Kelsey and I drove out to stay with my cousin and his family for the weekend, before they return to Michigan so he can complete Medical school.
Our wonderful tour guides Amanda and Sienna greeted us at their summer rental in The Bronx. They have a nice large place only a block away from the Subway. After grabbing some lunch at there place we headed into the city. 
 First stop on our trip, Purl SoHo. It was lovely and I took a lot more pictures that I will share with you next week.
 We then walked around SoHo, where I was guilted into buying a necklace from a guy on the street. I'll try and show you my NYC swag next week.
 Loved everything in Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Shop. I would have taken the whole place home with me if I had the cargo room and the cash! For now I'll just have to settle for her collection at Target.
 We did a lot of Subway riding over the weekend. Sienna charmed everyone on the trains, I mean come on, wouldn't you want to ride next to this gal?!

When I was growing up my Aunt and Uncle lived in Connecticut not to far outside the city so over the years I have been to New York more than a few times, but it was amazing how many places we visited this trip that I had never been to. Including St. Patrick's. How had I missed this beauty all these years. I was only sad that the exterior was being cleaned or something and covered by scaffolding.

 The next day we went to the MoMA, another spot I've never visited. I don't really do pictures at the art museum, but I loved the view out of this wide open room (that houses a Richard Serra sculpture) and the overlook into the special exhibit space on the third floor.
 It rained on and off throughout the day on Saturday so by the time we made it to Central Park the temps had dropped and the people had cleared out leaving the lake almost empty for us to enjoy.
 The bridge was my favorite! So great.
 My last shot of the day Sienna and her Momma getting coffee with us before they headed home and Kelsey and I went down to Time Square to see Mary Poppins.

I have a few more pics of The City to share with you next week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Live: The Last Drops of Summer

Is is just me or has this summer gone by unbelievably fast? August is already here and I am realizing that I still have a lot to do before September. The biggest thing is getting back to regular blogging. I've really enjoyed my lazy summer full of fun trips and relaxing nights, but just like I'm wishing for the change of weather that autumn brings I am looking forward to finding a little more structure in my day to day life. Are you ready for the seasons to change? Are you trying to squeeze every last drop out of summer? Anything left you are dying to do before we flip the calendar to September?

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