Wednesday, April 7, 2010

weekend wonder

Oh hello there, even though I haven't been the best little blogger this past week I have been working away on little projects to make the house more livable. I arranged the living room after a week of up turned chairs. It is looking good, if I do say so myself, of course I haven't picked a room color yet, but I'm getting there.

There are dishes in the cupboards! (after having them for almost a year I still can't get enough of those green bowls - love them!) There are rugs on the floors! There are towels in the cupboards! There are even curtains on the bedroom windows!

Now of course this weekend also was full of time spent with family. Here you see my sister in-law and me in our matching Easter sweaters (she is the tall one with the cute hair, I am the short one who should really start wearing more makeup) - we just showed up in the same thing not even knowing we both had it. It is a great sweater - so great in fact that at least two of my cousins now have it. We'll just have to check before we show up at church all dressed the same. I also took the afternoon of of work on Thursday and drove down to Toledo to see the touring company of Wicked with my mom, sister and brother James. It was wonderful. I had never seen the show and was impressed with both the performances and the over all look of the show. I loved the set and the costumes were fantastic! When I have a little more time I will wax on about the monochromatic green costumes for the Emerald City.
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