Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Style w/Phoebe

Libby's Fall Look

According to the latest issue of Real Simple red is the hot color for fall. If money and all that other good stuff was not an object this is how I would do a red hot fall outfit. Love the heart sweater and watch and the tiny ballet broach! This collection was made with the help of my little sister Phoebe, though she thinks it is a little to mismatched for her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One thing I have come to realize living in my little house is how little I have to hang on my walls. I always felt like I had almost enough stuff when I was in my small apartment, but now there are just so many empty walls. While I know there are many folks who like the look of clean blank walls, I am not one of them.

So I am on a quest to find some nice bits and pieces for my walls. I am in love with the look of Victorian text book illustrations. I have one I picked up a long time ago of butterflies, but these are so much lovelier!

Of course I think I paid a fraction of the price for mine, well a girl can dream. I right now I'm dreaming of a living room with pained walls (someday I'll pick a color), a new sofa and a few of these prints all in a row!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Show Fashion Show Fashion Show at Lunch - Fall Fashion Shoes

Even though we are having horrid 90 degree days here in Michigan I have fall on my mind. Maybe I should start growing veggies or something so I would enjoy the hot-hot-hot end of summer a little more, but hands down fall is my favorite time of year! There is so much to love about the fall in my neck of the woods, one of them of course is the clothes and the shoes - oh the shoes!
I am a Mary Jane's type of girl. I already have them in many (many!) styles and colors, but right now I have my mind on a pair of sweet blue ladies.
With a pair of gray or brown tights and a red cord skirt a pair of blue Mary Jane's just screams cool nights and sunny afternoons!

Tell me that pair with the yellow edging is not to die for cute! Oh and let us not forget how great the rick-racky bow tied pair are!

And there are the boots, I actually have a hard time finding boots that work for me, but this is the year that I find the perfect pair. Now I'm not really awesome enough to pull off the above pair, but we are talking about eye candy here people and these are nothing if not eye candy!

Now these are more me. Can't you just imagine crunching through leaves on a crisp October day?
I have also been thinking about getting a pair of moccasins this year. Maybe a cute ankle boot style like these - or:

If I am really bold this crazy cool pair - I'm thinking navy tights, jean skirt, floral shirt cable knit cardigan - perfect out and about on a Saturday afternoon outfit.
So there you have it a day late (because I forgot to set up the auto post -yes you know I write these lunch time fashion post late at night high on diet coke and endless games of freecell). but still good. And I'll end with a confession I have already started the fall shoe expansion by picking up this way cute pair last week!
I hope you all have a loverly weekend! I will be at a wedding with my dancing shoes on!
The top two images are from Anthropologie! And the moccasins are from Minnetonka the rest including the ones that I own are from Endless.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Market to Market

Yesterday was Farmers Market day. In town we have a market downtown on Tuesday afternoons, I try when I can to swing by after work hit the market and then the library. Yesterday I was able to do both.
As a result I had a yummy, rather green dinner of; green tomatoes with parsley, salt and pepper, cucumber with lime juice and salt, fresh mozzarella and farm bread all while watching Last Chance Harvey a kinda cute movie.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Umm yea hi!

Oh my I have had great luck thrifting lately. The weekend before last my I stopped with my mom at an antique shop downtown I think the name is Salt City Antiques and I found not only this vintage Pyrex in great shape and in a pattern I have never seen before, but also this awesome step ladder.
When you are not exactly the tallest girl around, things like shelves and curtain rods tend to be out of reach. I had this functional, but frankly ugly step ladder that I am now happy to send to the basement to live. Isn't it just great so cute when tucked beside the fridge or when accidentally/lazily left out.
Plus how would I reach the top shelf to put away my new baking dish with out it?
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