Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Big Before Post!

Hello! I know you've just been on pins and needles to see the before pictures of the house. Now you will know why I keep saying that it is a: disaster zone/work site/mess. So here is a jam packed tour of my little home sweet home. Lets start with the street view, these pictures were all taken at the beginning of December before we had snow. From the front we can see the dinning nook where the bay windows are, the door into the little front entry and a window on the far right in the living room.
Next stop is the kitchen. The door leads in from the side door and the basement stairs. Notice the nasty kitchen counter top the the floor that has never met a mop (and is gross press and stick tile anyway) also note the yucky off white stove and fridge.

Moving along we come to what I am calling the dinning nook, even though it is its own room it opens up to both the kitchen and living rooms and also acts as a walkway. Not seen is the sweet little built in cupboards opposite the random panelled wall.

You can enter the living room from both the front entry and the dinning area and it leads through to the bathroom, bedrooms and second floor stair.

This is the smallest of the bedrooms, that was being used as you can see has a storage space for window air conditioners. Fear not they have found a new home. Soon this room will have a fresh coat of pink paint and be transformed into my craft room/office (mostly craft room!).

The second downstairs bedroom is currently a very deep red and will be a blast to paint over! This room will become my guest bedroom.

Here we are coming off the stairs and heading into the second floor bedroom. The second floor is one open room with a few cubbies and a closet (without doors)

Standing in the second floor bedroom. This will be my bedroom I'm looking forward to pulling up the carpet to reveal the almost perfect wood floor.

My dad has promised to be the one to deep clean the bathroom and I will be holding him to it.

The last stop on our little tour will be the basement. As you can kinda see the basement was finished in the early 50s and needs a little help. The good news about this room is that it is almost empty at this point and ready to become the painting/redoing epicenter of the house until I get around to refinishing it.

Thanks for looking! Bye!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking Steps

I have never been one for sticking with the changes I promise myself I'll make every year. It just isn't my way. I think one of the problems I have is how many resolutions I make. This year I have goals, but only one set in stone must do promise to make. In 2010 I will get and stay and be forever organized!
I figure this will actually take me the better part of the year to accomplish, in part this is because I will be moving and expanding into twice the space! And because I want to do this right and in a way that will work and I'll be able to keep up with.
My January goal is to be organized at work. I've make a post-it note to do list and thinks it will be possible! Next month the home front.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out with the old

Today is the end of the line for this bad boy. I am very happy to say that today the heating and cooling guys are over at the house replacing this with much more efficient and smaller furnace. it may not seem like much but after two weeks of working without heat it is going to make a big difference. Next week I hope to have the starts of some actual complete projects. Yea!
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