Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sign on the dotted line

Well it is official! We closed on the house yesterday. Yesterday also brought the arrival of the dumpster and the first few hours of clean out. My mom, dad, sister and a few other family members joined me in a little bit of dejunking and a celebration dinner from The Chick-Inn!

Okay for a few before shots, these came from the home inspection and the listing agents site, but are almost exactly how the house looked at closing.

The top two shots are the kitchen and the bottom one a little corner of the basement. As you can see there is a multitude of objects in this home. I am very hopeful that I can get things cleared out by the end of next week and can be ready to have floors refinished, kitchen counter replaced, bathroom floor tiled and paint paint paint as soon as the furnace is replaced after the fist of the year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lighting up the night sky

Not a very good shot (it was taken with my dad's phone) but there are Christmas light up at the house and I have just the weekend before I get my grubby little hands on the thing and can really start getting work done. But getting the lights up does make it seem like someone cares about that little place.
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