Monday, April 30, 2012

Share: BFF

So have you been watching the new show Best Friends Forever. I for one am really enjoying it. I think Jessica and Lennon are just crazy enough to be fun and now so crazy that you can't handle them. But my favorite is Queenetta, that girl is one of those perfect fictional characters, the kind that is unexpected but somehow also seems just right on the show. Watch the clip and tell me that you are not going to be jammin' to her little "you fancy" song the next time you're getting ready to go out.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Read: The Joy of Books

Last year I really enjoyed my 12 month reading challenge, but I'll admit that when January came a round I just wasn't up to pulling together a list for 2012, or doing a recap of 2011's picks. Now that we are well into the year though I'm finding that I am missing having that planned list two work through. Keeping that in mind I've decided to pull together a summer reading. I will be posting my list next month, but for now I need your recommendations, I'm looking for titles of all kind so leave a comment, send me an email, tweet me (maybe not I'm still a little scared of The Twitter) or send smoke signals with the books that you think I should be reading lakeside (or on a blanket in my back yard) this summer!

Cute video found via Lovely Indeed (P.S. have you read that cute blog, it is fairly new to me and I'm loving it!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Find: Thrifty Thursday

 Last week, or maybe the week before my mom and I took a trip to one of our local thrift stores. I had a lot of success finding some pretty great items for my little home. For starters five milk glass vases. I think I've said before that one of the reasons I like milk glass is that it reminds me of my Grandma, I also love the way that it plays off the bright colors of flowers so nicely. I'm not sure how much each vase was, but I don't think I paid more than $2.00 for any of them.
 Ahhh but here is the real find of the day. A set of three nesting pyrex mixing bowls - in PERFECT condition. Not only that but they were only $2.92, $2.42 and $1.91, largest to smallest. Great price right? Well it gets even better we had a half off coupon so I was able to snag the whole bunch for $3.63! I know, I know some girls have all the luck!
Finally I picked up this vintage skirt. It is a fairly simple brown wool skirt, half off it was less than a dollar.

Have you had any thrifty scores lately? Please Share!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flower Power: White and Yellow

 I love fresh flowers, they are one of life's little indulgences that I find can just make my day. Today I thought it would be nice to share how I get the most bang for my flora buck!
 I started with two $3.99 bunches of flowers from my fave; Trader Joe's. One mixed bunch and one bunch of just mums, in yellow (of course!).
 I always separate the different types of flowers in the bunch so I can see exactly what I'm working with.
 And then I gather a few different vases. For this weeks flowers I picked these five. Some milk glass vases and a vintage green depression glass ice cream soda glass.
 After snipping (with my kitchen scissors, top ten favorite tools) this is what I had.
 But there were so many more stems. So I filled this little aqua vase.
And this tiny pink one that sits on the back of my toilet. Even after scattering these seven vases around my house I had a few leftover mums that I stuck in a jar in the kitchen. Fresh flowers add a little sunshine to your life and when you can buy enough to fell your home for 8 bucks how can you pass them up.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Find: An Afternoon Trip to Homegoods

 I figured that I a. Hadn't posted in a while and b. Hadn't taken you all on a virtual shopping trip with me in a while so it seemed like a quick trip to Homegoods was in order. So on Friday afternoon my sister Phoebe (please note how she is wearing the same sweater here at age 12 and in the old post at age 10, I'm telling you the girl doesn't grow!) and I took a little look-see around and found a few faves to share with you. We both loved this over sized mug. The brand is Dutch Wax, a quick google search only turned up a few ebay listings all going for much more than the $4.99 tag we saw at the store.
 Now Phoebe loved this piggy bank ($7.99).
 And I was dreaming about filling this bowl ($19.99) with fruit and sitting it on my table.
 But we both adore these lace print cream and sugar set ($3.99 each).
 And as the warm weather has us thinking about eating al fresco one or two bright colored Style Happy out door table cloths ($4.99-$5.99) might need to be on the wish list.
 Oh and I do love a pretty jewelry box or two or twenty ($24.99).
 The gray ikat chair ($399.99) called my name from a cross the room, but I can't think of a place for it to go in my life, so maybe one of you lovely folks can give him a good home.
 What can I say, a bunch of my favorite decor colors with a great lacy look. Love this rug ($299.99).
 What I'm really in the market for are some new floor lamps. I like the look and price of these ($59.99).
 They had a set of these ($49.99 each) I'm now trying to think of who I know that could use them. Beautiful right?!?!
Finally no trip to a place like Homegoods is complete without finding something crazy and ugly. What you want a coffee mug with three legs, two breasts and one arm? We you are in luck because this lady ($4.99) is just waiting for you.
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