Thursday, April 26, 2012

Find: Thrifty Thursday

 Last week, or maybe the week before my mom and I took a trip to one of our local thrift stores. I had a lot of success finding some pretty great items for my little home. For starters five milk glass vases. I think I've said before that one of the reasons I like milk glass is that it reminds me of my Grandma, I also love the way that it plays off the bright colors of flowers so nicely. I'm not sure how much each vase was, but I don't think I paid more than $2.00 for any of them.
 Ahhh but here is the real find of the day. A set of three nesting pyrex mixing bowls - in PERFECT condition. Not only that but they were only $2.92, $2.42 and $1.91, largest to smallest. Great price right? Well it gets even better we had a half off coupon so I was able to snag the whole bunch for $3.63! I know, I know some girls have all the luck!
Finally I picked up this vintage skirt. It is a fairly simple brown wool skirt, half off it was less than a dollar.

Have you had any thrifty scores lately? Please Share!

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