Friday, April 27, 2012

Read: The Joy of Books

Last year I really enjoyed my 12 month reading challenge, but I'll admit that when January came a round I just wasn't up to pulling together a list for 2012, or doing a recap of 2011's picks. Now that we are well into the year though I'm finding that I am missing having that planned list two work through. Keeping that in mind I've decided to pull together a summer reading. I will be posting my list next month, but for now I need your recommendations, I'm looking for titles of all kind so leave a comment, send me an email, tweet me (maybe not I'm still a little scared of The Twitter) or send smoke signals with the books that you think I should be reading lakeside (or on a blanket in my back yard) this summer!

Cute video found via Lovely Indeed (P.S. have you read that cute blog, it is fairly new to me and I'm loving it!)

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