Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flower Power: White and Yellow

 I love fresh flowers, they are one of life's little indulgences that I find can just make my day. Today I thought it would be nice to share how I get the most bang for my flora buck!
 I started with two $3.99 bunches of flowers from my fave; Trader Joe's. One mixed bunch and one bunch of just mums, in yellow (of course!).
 I always separate the different types of flowers in the bunch so I can see exactly what I'm working with.
 And then I gather a few different vases. For this weeks flowers I picked these five. Some milk glass vases and a vintage green depression glass ice cream soda glass.
 After snipping (with my kitchen scissors, top ten favorite tools) this is what I had.
 But there were so many more stems. So I filled this little aqua vase.
And this tiny pink one that sits on the back of my toilet. Even after scattering these seven vases around my house I had a few leftover mums that I stuck in a jar in the kitchen. Fresh flowers add a little sunshine to your life and when you can buy enough to fell your home for 8 bucks how can you pass them up.

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