Monday, April 16, 2012

Find: An Afternoon Trip to Homegoods

 I figured that I a. Hadn't posted in a while and b. Hadn't taken you all on a virtual shopping trip with me in a while so it seemed like a quick trip to Homegoods was in order. So on Friday afternoon my sister Phoebe (please note how she is wearing the same sweater here at age 12 and in the old post at age 10, I'm telling you the girl doesn't grow!) and I took a little look-see around and found a few faves to share with you. We both loved this over sized mug. The brand is Dutch Wax, a quick google search only turned up a few ebay listings all going for much more than the $4.99 tag we saw at the store.
 Now Phoebe loved this piggy bank ($7.99).
 And I was dreaming about filling this bowl ($19.99) with fruit and sitting it on my table.
 But we both adore these lace print cream and sugar set ($3.99 each).
 And as the warm weather has us thinking about eating al fresco one or two bright colored Style Happy out door table cloths ($4.99-$5.99) might need to be on the wish list.
 Oh and I do love a pretty jewelry box or two or twenty ($24.99).
 The gray ikat chair ($399.99) called my name from a cross the room, but I can't think of a place for it to go in my life, so maybe one of you lovely folks can give him a good home.
 What can I say, a bunch of my favorite decor colors with a great lacy look. Love this rug ($299.99).
 What I'm really in the market for are some new floor lamps. I like the look and price of these ($59.99).
 They had a set of these ($49.99 each) I'm now trying to think of who I know that could use them. Beautiful right?!?!
Finally no trip to a place like Homegoods is complete without finding something crazy and ugly. What you want a coffee mug with three legs, two breasts and one arm? We you are in luck because this lady ($4.99) is just waiting for you.


  1. LOL!! I think I need the ugly mug, AND the lacy cream and sugar set! :)

  2. My mom thought that the ugly mug would be cute with flowers in it, but Phoebe and I set her straight that thing was horrid.

    1. LOL! We went to Home Goods the other day (after I had read this post) and I searched for that mug with the intention of purchasing it... to no avail. I am sad.

    2. Bummer - But I am still going to think that my post helped her find a good home where she will be accepted for her "special" qualities.


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