Friday, March 30, 2012

Find: Mad Men is back and all I can think about is that couch

Yesterday I finally got around to watching the season opener of Mad Men. It didn't disappoint, let me tell you. However my biggest take away was: I want to live in Don and Megan's swanky mod apartment. But seeing as I can't time warp my way back to 1966, I'm just going to obsess about that couch. It is my dream family room couch, stylish with lots and lots of seating. There are at least 5 adults on it in this shot with plenty of room for more. I actually have a brown mid century couch in my basement (hey on a side note I have been working on basement projects and I think we will have a little room tour sometime soonish!), but it is not a sectional, it is not amazing and it is not the couch of my dreams. So you know me, I had to set off on a little imaginary shopping trip to find myself a dreamy brown sectional that I can't justify buying, but will enjoy imagining in my space.
This bad boy from Thrive is the closest that I was able to find. Actually it is pretty close. Let me know if you have some extra cash hanging around and decide to pick one up for your own home. But don't tell me how great it is, I might be crushed.
Not u of the real deal from the show, but it was they only one I could find. If you watch the episode you can see the couch a lot better when the Draper kids are having breakfast.

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