Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Change: 100

At the beginning of the year I was inspired by this post over on Makeunder My Live to get rid of 100 things that were cluttering up my life. It took me a few weeks to pull all the items together, but I can say that with out a doubt it was totally worth it.
Maybe a quarter of the things were leftover from all the junk in the house when I bought it. Stuff that I thought at the time I might use, but alimentary just ended up hanging around taking up space.
At first I thought I'd make a list of everything, but now that seems a little silly and boring. I think these four images are enough to remind me to move things along a little quicker.
Finally I had such a good time (really truly it was fun!) putting together these vignette of 25 Things to Dump I'm going to keep up with the challenge and get rid of 25 more things each month for the rest of 2012. Next week I'll post about February and March's items.

Did you do any big clean out for 2012? What do you do to keep clutter at bay? Any good junk reducing challenges you can share? I'd love to hear all about it so please, please share.

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