Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Phoebe Post

Oh Hi! This is my sister Phoebe, she's cute hu? When she spent the night at my house a few weeks ago (when this picture was taken - at the Bomber the next day) I promised her a blog post just about her (well and a little bit about me), so here it goes!

Phoebe is ten going on eleven and going to be in the sixth grade in the fall. Holy cow SIXTH GRADE when I was that age I felt like such a grown up. As if I was going to over take the world (it was also the year that I had my only school picture EVER taken - on a side note Phoebe's only EVER school picture was taken in Kindergarten and then she dropped out) and make everyone see that my ways were the best. Plus I remember laughing a lot and breaking my arm, wow sixth grade awesome! Anyway back to Phoebe, she is a dancer, she always looks very serious when she dance and has perfect hands. She is also the baby of our family and the runt.

I was sixteen when Phoebe was born and not all together interested in having a little sister. In fact I can't ever remember wanting a sister. But then she came, and at first I was a brat (wow did not see all the confessing happening in the Phoebe Post), but you see she wasn't so bad. And before I knew it I kinda liked her, as it turns out, having a baby sister in high school is rather fun. And the next thing you know I was off to college. I would get a kick out of telling people that I was the oldest of six kids and that I had a one year old sister. It was fun, when she was in Kindergarten she came and stayed the weekend with me, I still remember laying in bed and making up a story about sisters named Phoebe and Libby, silly and lovely!

I know that we do not have the same relationship that most sisters do. We haven't really had to share much, when we have shared a room it was always more like she was staying in my room or I was staying in her room. We never had to get ready for school at the same time or share a car. I didn't have to be upset about a tag along little sister. For the two of us I think it is better that way, I don't know that we would do so well with the normal sister thing.

Well so here is Phoebe, the only sister I ever wanted.

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