Thursday, July 22, 2010

fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch! - Mad Men

I'm not really much of a fashion follower, but there are those people or tv shows or films that have such great fashion you can't help but be inspired by them. Mad Men is totally one of those shows for me. I love the program because it has an interesting story line and great acting, but also because it has wonderful set design and costuming.
I love Joan Holloway/Harris' clothing the most. She is just so fab. I think that this purple and pink number is just to die for. One of the things I love about the clothes on Mad Men is that they are totally believable as clothes that someone actually owns and wears. Case in point this dress is seen in at least two episodes in at least two seasons.
Joan also wears that totally awesome necklace in almost every episode. Love it!
After being absent a little from Season 3 I am looking forward to seeing more of Joan and her great clothes in season 4!

I am really think that some of those sixties bangs might be showing up on my head sometime soon.
I love the character of Trudy Campbell maybe best of all. She has had a lot of growth and development for a secondary character. And her clothes are so fashion forward. She is the young wife living in the city and (for the most part) enjoying the good life. And that means having great clothes - I couldn't find a good screen cap, but in the wedding episode from season 3 she has a truly inspiring fashion moment with dye to match shoes. Really, like the horror of all bridesmaids only awesome because they are shiny blue. Yeah, I'm really saying that I want to dye shoes. Really.
Love the blue and love how they had her hold the pink elephant - it shows it off perfect. I think that this is season two, but it might be three anyway whatever season it is she and Pete start seeming like more of a unit and the way the dress adds to it so nicely.
Okay I don't like Betty Draper. She has no joy, but she does have killer clothes - this is what she wears when she has been asked to babysit a neighbors kids, yes she is a grown-up with her own family, the whole thing is very odd, but she looks great.
Anyway I am waiting with high hopes for the new season to start this weekend. And if you like this little feature I am going to keep it around for a few weeks so look for it on Thursdays at lunch time.

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  1. I seriously have to start watching this show! I love the title — The Office is the best!


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