Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Break

I have a real case of the Sum-sum-summer time blues. I really wish I could have a summer break this year - maybe it is because it has been 5 (eeek 5!) years now that college ended and so ended my summer breaks. It is times like these when I am feeling all school year break jealous that I think - just for a few minutes and imagining a really unrealistic school - I should have been a teacher. I'm happy not to be a teacher, though I think I would love to teach art or humanities or something else equally fabulous, but I would love a summer vacation every year. About this time of year some time between when the beach towels and the picnic blankets come out in the stores and when the school supply shows up I wish for summer break. A good old fashion summer break: with a fun summer job (mine was life guarding at a small local water park), driving around with the top down on warm long northern nights, sleeping in on sunny summer mornings, listening to new music, getting tan in the hot sun, drinking ice cold pop (or ice tea) and hanging around with family and friends. So I'm going to make this weekend a mini summer break, just a little bit of what I miss.

P.S. I would let you know where the picture of those lovely ladies came from, but saddly I can not remember, aren't they so cute just waiting to take a dip!

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