Friday, September 23, 2011

CooCoo For Coconut

Okay I don't do a lot of review-y types of posts, but because I keep seeing references to LaCroix Coconut sparkling water popping up all over these here internets I thought I'd through my two cents in. You know, because everyone wants to know what I have to say about Coconut water. Okay guys, I don't really love it. I thought I would because I love almost anything coconut flavored (I get this from my mom, my dad has a deep seeded hate for anything that has to do with coconut) and because I'm a fan of most LaCroix waters. So I wanted to love it, I really did. At first I even thought I did, but then I drank another can and then another and even had my coconut loving mom take a sip, this is what I came up with; it tastes like a melted lip smackers. Plus it kinda made my mouth feel a little buzzy. Oh the coconut smell is just way to much. So in closing I'm going to stick with the Grapefruit LaCroix.

If you want to try it for yours self (we say yours self in my family I have no idea why) unlike other flavors of LaCroix the only place I have seen it is Target. Oh and for the record can we say how annoying that this is because I will have to return my cans to Target, where they don't have a can/bottle return machine, if I want to get my 80 cents back (another weird thing the Coconut water came in an 8 pack, not a 12 pack). Not worth it. So these bad boys will be going in the recycling.

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