Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Diggin': Urban Outfitters

Today I thought it might be fun to showcase a some things that I am lovein' from UO right now. Lets get started. I think this little guy would be a super easy and cute DIY, deff going on my to do list.
I can't tell you how much I love this shelf, I think it would look great with books or plants or stacks of fabric or pots and pans.
You better believe that this lamp is going on my wish list.
This is the home of a gold fish that is far to cool to hang out with me.
This is such a great idea for anyone living in a small space.
I'm a fan of using wood crates in home decor, but I think you should look for vintage before you buy a replica.
I'm brainstorming a place to put this octopus hook so I can justify buying it. I really like the slightly worn out look of this wall hanging.

So are we all over chevron? No. Good because I just love both the rug and the bedding.
I have had these mettle flowers on my wish list for years. I think finally have a place for them to go, I will let you know if I end up picking them up.
Clearly I'm into the whole letter wall art thing right now. Can you tell?
Yellow - check, Seedstitch - check, on my Christmas list - check!
Is there anything not to like about this chair? I didn't think so.

All of this stuff and so much more can be found over at the Apartment page on Urban Outfitters.


  1. Great finds! That little fishbowl alone just made me think that I need a goldfish for my desk...and for my cat to gawk at jealously because of it's home.

  2. That fish really is to cool for school! (ha - so silly)


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