Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Changes: Ironing Board Storage

Because I do my ironing in my down stairs hallway (more on that later) my ironing board lives in my office/craft room. Up until a few days ago it hung on the inside of the closet door by balancing one side on something that I guess was used for more hanger space (the last owners of my house were big on installing 1950's storage solutions, so time I really should do a post on all the fun little gems hidden around my place). This wasn't the worst thing ever, except every fifth time I opened the closet door the iron board would come crashing down on me.
I've been on the look out for something that would solve this little problem for months and then one day last week I was at TJ Maxx when I spotted this split over the door hook I knew it would work perfect. And wouldn't you know it did!

P.S. sorry about the blurred photos, there will be better ones when I do that room tour I've been working on.

P.P.S. my ironing board cover is from City Chic Country Mouse.

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