Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lets Wrap It Up

Hey friends, because I've been in a celebrating mode these days I thought it would be nice to share a gift wrapping idea with you today.
I started by wrapping all the boxes in white paper (I have big roll of butcher paper I use for things like this and pattern making etc.) and taping the boxes together.
Then I taped some crape paper streamers up to the box (you will be able to see how this works better at the bottom).

I then taped a bunch of little loops of crape paper together to make a little bow.
Ta Da! I think next time I could make the bow a little better, but not to bad for a first try of an idea.
Do you have any great ideas for gift wrapping? October and November are big birthday months in my family so I've got a few more of my own that I'll be working out and sharing with you soon.

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