Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Numbering a Weekend

This past weekend I traveled to North Dakota for my brother Sam's wedding. I thought today it would be fun to break the trip down by the numbers. So here we are some of the things you would have seen or experienced if you had joined me this weekend.
2,160 - miles traveled (round trip) in a mini van with my aunt, uncle and cousin, just like when I was a kid and went on vacation with them.
36 - hours spent in a car seat.
25 - Finks gathered together to welcome one more to our ranks!
23- people (if my math is right) that drove from Michigan through the night.
16 - guys and gals in the wedding party.
13 - cousins dancing out on the dance floor.
10 - million bobby pins holding my hair up.
9 - ty (90) % of the guests on the bride's side confused by the wedding party dancing like crazy to this song! Yes that would be Sam's pick. The guests on the groom's side, just understand that we were mostly just a group of kids from Ypsi.
8 - girls in black dresses holding yellow flowers.
7 - times I listened to the Meg and Dia album Cocoon on the drive.
6 - states driven through
5 - siblings hugged (I think it was the first time the 6 of us have been all together in a year)!
4 - AM the time I finally went to bed Saturday night (okay it was 3:00 local time, but to me it felt like 4)
3 - giggling girls sharing a hotel room (many thanks to our friend Lynn for letting Phoebe and me crash her pad).
2 - grown men crying like little girls (the groom and his father).
1 - newly married happy couple.

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