Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving Right Along

All signs are pointing to summer coming to an end. I took this picture of the apple trees in my parents yard, you you see the apples starting to put on their rose-y cheeks for their big debut. I hear that kids are already returning to school. My town had our Heritage Festival this past weekend (I didn't make it down to the park to have an elephant ear for breakfast, but I did go on the home tour and wouldn't you know one of the houses that I put an offer in on during my house hunting days was on the tour. It looked great, but I'm so glad I didn't buy it.), as a kid that always signaled the end of summer for me.

Even though this is the busiest time of year for me at work and I'm getting back into the groove with my school year commitments, it seemed like I was looking forward to fall a little bit extra this year. But then I took a quick walk down memory lane and low and behold last august I posted not one, but two post that high lighted my love of fall clothes. Oh and wouldn't you know it last September I made a fall wreath and waxed poetic (not really poetic) about the color of the leaves in Michigan in the good ol' autumn time, in October I even dragged a few little friends out to enjoy the reds, oranges and golds. In fact it looks like every year at about this time my thoughts turn toward my favorite season, o take this as your official warning. I am so over summer and I have fall on my mind, get ready for posts about corduroy skirts, cool nights, odes to maples and oaks, apple themed recipes, orange twinkle lights, felt leaf projects, and at least one more mention of my unending love for Better Than Ezra and their perfect fall song This Time Of Year. Get ready friends, it is going to be awesome!

P.S. I hope you've been humming this song while reading this post!

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