Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Like A Friday Afternoon!

Well, there's a feeling in the air
Just like a Friday afternoon.
Yeah, you can go there if you want
Though it fades too soon.
So go on, let it be.
If there's a feeling coming over me,
Seems like it's always understood this time of year.
"This Time of Year" - Better Than Ezra
We are having lovely crisp fall weather this week and I couldn't be happier. Every year about this time I begin my annual love affair with Michigan. There is no place I would rather live than Michigan in the Fall. Sunny afternoons, and cool nights, brightly colored trees and ripe apples, the wind and the over night thunderstorms, oh and the smell, and the sweater wearing, and I can't for getting being able to open my window at work and hear the EMU marching band practice. I know it sounds perfect, and it is!
P.S. in case you do not know and love Better Than Ezra and have most of their songs on shuffle in your mind I have added the song quoted above to my sidebar (you will like it I promise, I know I do I listened to it three times while writing this post alone!). Also both images above are from the Pure Michigan website.
P.P.S. a small before and after project will be posted tomorrow, as a little taste test of the next big before and after project happening at the silly little house!
P.P.P.S. keep your eyes peeled next week for talk of tights, skirt making (yes I said making!), autumnal wreath DIY walk through and maybe if I get around to it (and that is a big if) a slight blog make over it is time I think!

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