Tuesday, August 2, 2011


You guys I'm going to be a super lazy blogger today and just share a bunch of pictures that I am finding inspiring these days. The image about is the inspiration for the up coming living room remaster - it will be a-maze-ing, just you wait.
Um yeah I really have been working on making the guestroom a pink and gray haven for all my dear loved ones, it is just very slow going.
This is sort of backwards inspiration, I already decided to paint my front door bright green and my trim black and then I found this picture to give me motivation.

I've always liked the salon look when it comes to hanging art, I hardly every feel like there is to much stuff on a wall.
Can't you just see painted steps leading up to my attic bedroom?
I really want to do this in my tiny entry, I'm thinking about doing it the faux way though with paint and poly.
Need I say anything!
Is it weird that I really want to make a mini version of my own house? Yes. Oh well I think we already all know that I'm weird. Right? Glad to get that out of the way.
I wish my yard was a smidge bigger, I would so build (okay who am I kidding have built) a little house of any kind back there.
Oh how I long to go fancy camping!
Even better fancy camping and floating down a river, the stuff that dreams are made of people!

I hope you enjoyed your little trip into my browser/mind (what you can't tell me that they aren't the same thing). What is inspiring you these days? I'd love to know.

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