Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Week: The Fun Never Ends!

I have been so busy this week I can hardly think and there is sure to be another one coming up. So in the meantime here are a few weekend links to fill your time!
  • Do you love Downton Abbey? You do, I know me too! Here is a little bit of info on season 2 via Linda Holmes from NPR (she loves Downton Abbey too!).
  • Speaking of Downton Abbey, I bought the show on iTunes, but now I wish I had it on DVD. Is it crazy to own the same thing in different formats? Should I just get myself a DVD copy of Bring It On first because you know I'm never going own a VHS player again?!
  • Do you have any book recommendations? I had a great conversation with a few of my friends on Thursday about books we have been reading lately. The only problem is I don't think any books came up that I hadn't already read. So I'm looking for something good to read. Oh and here are my monthly reads, I've finished this months book and LOVED it!
  • Are you working on any projects? Here is one that I've just finished up
Okay well that is about all I can muster, I hope you have wonderful weekend full of fun, fun, fun!

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