Friday, August 26, 2011

How does your garden grow?

In the middle of all my end of summer craziness, I have managed to squeeze in a little time to work on a few projects. One thing I really want to finish by the end of the year is my guest bedroom make over. After the wall painting and the bedding (that is a little more of a slow and steady wins the race kinda project) the next thing I wanted to tackle was the question of what to put on the walls.
A few weeks ago I found this wood plaque at the thrift store and thought I might be able to come up with a fun little project with it.
For starts I gave it a light spraying of paint, I wanted the wood to still "shine" through a little.
Next I went to my big stack o' magazines and ripped out a few pages that had just type on both sides.
I then made two flowers much like I made the felt flowers for my springy wreath only with glue in place of sewing. And finished them off with button centers.
To finish things up I cut out leaves from some pink and gray fabric you will be seeing again and drew a stem using a gold sharpie pen.
So there you have it quick and easy the project only cost about a $1.50 and was finished in the time it took me to watch two episodes of White Collar. I'm rather happy with how it turned out, it kinda reminds me of Victorian shell art.

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