Friday, April 8, 2011

The Flowers they are a blooming

Okay maybe not yet, so here is a little something to hold you over until the non felt blossoms start making their glorious entrance.
This wreath is made much like the fall leaf one, starting with a florists styrofoam wreath base and felt. I started by wrapping the wreath base with green felt. Then I was off to make a few flowers.
I should say that I have seen how to's for making felt flowers around the interweb and this is just my kinda clumped together from what I remember version. To make this one purple flower that is about 5 in wide it takes less than one precut square of craft felt (so that is less than $0.30 for one flower). The steps are as follows:
1. cut round(ish) base for flower
2. cut felt into strips in 3 widths (mine were 1.75 in, 1.5in and 1.25 in)
3. cut strips into even(ish) rectangles (mine were all about 1.25in wide)
4. cut rectangles into petal shapes leaving the bottom flat (see image above)
From here you could glue the bottom side down, but I just fold as a sew. Sew the petals around the base (as shown above) two rows of each size.
Until you end up with something like this (this blossom is actually a good deal larger, you can do that by just making the base and the petals bigger to start with). The blue and yellow flowers on the wreath are made a little differently, if you'd like to know how please either leave a comment or email me and I'd be more than happy to walk you through it.

I think just one of these flowers sewn onto a pin back or a hair clip would also be crazy cute! So do you have any fun springy projects going? I'd love to hear about them (or if you make any of these flowers or even better a wreath)

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