Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Live: Checking in on the Summer Wish List

(total creeper staring you down)
Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted my summer wish list? Well we are almost half way through July so we are almost half way through what I consider summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day). So I thought it was a good time to check in on the list. 
(the color is odd on this, but it is the closest to my actual eye color)
Let's see what I have done on the list:
2. Visit my brother's family in VA-Phoebe and I drove down to see them in the beginning of June.
3. Take a new profile picture-I think I will be one of these pictures. I took them very late one night after I had been out, my make up is half off, my hair is kinda falling down, but I actually kinda like them. (P.S. it is really weird, to me, to post so many pictures of my face on here. I hardly ever post pictures of myself.)
(one where you can see how sleepy I was)
4. Grill out-Accomplished many a meal has been cooked in the great outdoors.
5. Go to the movies-I have actually been to the movies a bunch this summer, because we have discovered $5 Wednesdays! My favorite has been Moonrise Kingdom.
(Sometimes I look at pictures of myself and just see how much I look like my dad-we have the same nose)
 8. Visit with old friends-I'm going to say yes, but there is more to come!
14. Eat outside-we did this before the sun exploded and we all moved into a heatwave!
(thinking about something)
17. Take a road trip-See above the Phoebs and I hit the open road (I also have two more trips to the East Cost planned for this summer).
19. Drink Ice Tea-Yes! The best ever comes from Beezy's in downtown Ypsi!
(where you can see how I sometimes open one eye way more than the other)
21. Read-I've started in on my summer reading list.
22. Walk in a parade-We did two on the 4th of July and there will be more later this summer.
(again funny things going on with the color)
That is how things are shaping up so far, not to bad. I have plans to knock a bunch of the others off my list starting as early as this weekend.
(right now this is the winner, it reminds me of my favorite picture of my niece and I)

Do you have a summer to do list? If so how is it going? Can you believe summer is half over? 

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