Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Change: 4 Frame Re-Dos

I like to fill my guest bedroom with pictures of the smiling faces of my loved ones. So I'm always on the look out for smallish frames. There are a lot of really cute frames out there, but they are often more than I am willing to spend. There are also a lot of really less than cute or boring frames out there, those are the ones in my price rang. So with that in mind I've been collecting some small scale frames that I could easily refinish. Each of my frames cost less than a dollar and I already had everything I used to redo them in my stock of crafty supplies, so the total project cost was only about $3.50!
Frame #1 got a few layers of gray spray paint.

And a picture of my cute niece doing her best to be Fancy (you know, like Nancy)!
For frame #2 I used some enamel paint, in a light pink and gold.
 It got a picture of my little cousin Fiona swinging around like the monkey that she is!
Frame #3 is my favorite, this tiny blue frame was wrapped in some flowery washi tape (am I the only one that reads that word as Wasabi?). This site isn't where I got mine, but they do have the same tape and a lot of other cuties.

An image of Fiona's older brother Ben as a wee lad was tucked in to finish it off.
Finally I decided that I really liked the gold frame just the way it was so I just popped in a picture of Fiona and Ben's younger brother Jo and it was all set.

 So there you have it, four cute and cheap frames and all finished in less than an hour! Have you been doing any quick refinishing projects?

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