Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: I'm at it again!

 You know I loves me some Pinterest! And even more I love taking something I find on Pinterest and making it real. So I am, of course, excited to take part in the Pinterest Challenge (Summer Edition) that Young House Love and Bower Power put on each season.
After flipping through my pins and the rest of Pinterest I have settled on these map based projects as my pinspiration.
I'm not completely sure what shape my project will end up taking. I love both the words and the hearts.
I'm kinda digging the pattern used for this Oklahoma print, so maybe there will be some scrap booking paper involved.
I my original thought, the one that sent me searching on Pinterest was to cut out a state from a map so I am still really interested in using an actual map for starters.
But maybe I'll cut my map into something other than an actually shape of the state.

Want to check out my other Pinterest Challenge projects?
You can find my Ombre night stand inspired by a slice of cake here.
And you can see my Cross Stitch painting right here.

Let me know if you are joining in on the Challenge fun, I would LOVE to read all about your project!

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