Monday, July 16, 2012

Live: A Day On A Lake

This weekend I traveled over 12 hours each way to attend a bridal shower for one of my cousins at her parents house in Massachusetts. The shower was lovely-beautiful flowers, yummy food, great company and lovely gifts. But the best part was the three day house party I got to have with a bunch of my female relatives.   Friday was filled with party-prep and late night chatting. Saturday was event day with an afternoon spent floating in the lake and an evening on the pontoon boat. But Sunday was spent on the speed boat, water skiing, tubing and taking pictures!

A few of the lovely girls in my family, I loved that we all had on kinda retro glam swimsuits.

 I did not water ski, but there were some in our group that not only gave it a try, but also had success! Super impressive was my cousin Maggie, she was able to get up on only her third try and that was after she almost had her foot ripped off by the rope!

 I did do some tubing, something I haven't done in years and years. I think it is scarier when you are an adult.

 And you just can't beat the view. These are only a few of the shots of the amazing houses and properties out on the lake (I chose these because my Aunt and Uncle's place is front and center). Can you imagine waking up to this everyday. My only question is; why didn't I buy a house on a lake when I had my chance?!?

How was your weekend? Did you spend it outside soaking up the summer sun? Do you have the sunburn to prove it? (I'm hopeful mine will at least become a tan!)

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