Monday, July 9, 2012

Find: We go back to Homegoods!

 You guys know I love the Homegoods! I always walk out of the store with new ideas and new things to obsess over. Right off the bat, in love with these massive aqua vessels. I will be stalking them to see if they go on clearance ($19.99).
 Ooo, really liked these blue and white casserole dishes, they would be great house warming or bridal shower gifts. And you will die when you see the price ($9.99)
 I was also really into this wire covered lantern (large $12.99 and small $9.99).
 I had to take a snap of this giant wine glass because it reminded me of Cougar Town ($16.99).
 Okay here is the item that I came away from my trip thinking about, this faux paint can is ceramic, but I think you could DIY it easily with a coffee can ($9.00).
 You can't really tell in this picture, but this box is tin and painted sort of army green. I really love mixing beat up more industrial items in with my softer aesthetic and this would work perfectly in my office or something ($9.99).
 I want this lamp, super, super want ($79.99)!
 I really like both the table ($99.99) and the orange chair in this photo ($99.99). They actually had at least three of these chairs at my Homegoods, I think they would make crazy good dinning room chairs.
 I'm really into science class-ish decor items and I think this big butterfly would look amazing in a living room ($29.99).
 A big graphic printed headboard. What's not to like ($299.99).
 First I saw this chair, which is I think a recliner ($299.99).
 And then I saw his slightly larger and a little cooler fraternal twin brother ($349.99). Yes they are a little pricey for a girl who buys most things secondhand, but they are by Lane and I will tell you I own two Lane chairs that are at least 20 years old and they are for the most part going strong, so they do make high quality items. Oh and on that note, my Homegoods had a ton 'o Lane products, just an FYI.
 I've been thinking about designing a mood board around this green chair, or rather the pair that were in the store ($129.99) they are the perfect kelley green in real life.
 Okay when I go totally over board and redesign my whole house to look like Jeannie's Bottle I am going to need a lamp like this ($29.99).
 For now this lamp is a little more my speed ($49.99).
 Now these little fans are the one thing I left the store wishing I had bought. So much so that I think I might go back and pick up one in green ($29.99).
 Tucked in the very back of the store were these contemporary out door chairs ($59.00).
 Maybe the most amazing find, someone is going to totally score when they buy this sofa table ($399.99).
 I don't really do seashells, but I do think they can add a great organic feel to your space and you half to admit this is a kinda beautiful ($14.99).
 I do really love boxes. I have them scattered all about my house (white: $14.99, blue: $19.99).
I always like to finish my trip off with one of the crazy things in the store (see 3 legged lady mug), but here me out on this one. I was actually thinking that you could make a fairly awesome headboard or room divider out of driftwood inspired by this-well I'm not really sure what it is ($99.99).

P.S. I had a friend ask me if it weird to go around a store taking pictures. The answer is; kinda. People do sometimes give you funny looks, but I am never bugged by either shoppers or employees.

P.P.S. This post is just for fun Homegoods did not sponsor the post or anything.

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