Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Camp: Take Note

A very important part of going to sleep away camp is writing letters home. When I was a camper I would carefully selected cards and walked to the post office to buy stamps so that I could fill in my family on all my fun camp adventures. So today for our Summer Camp post we have a selection of cute note cards for the kid away at summer camp or the adult who wishes they were at summer camp.
#1 Saying Hi is always better when you do it with a picture of a cute dog!
#2 Personalization and arrows-love it!
#3 What could be more perfect than a pack of Camp themed postcards.
#4 Hot colors always a winner in my book!
#5 I'd like this print on a chair or as a rug please.
#6 All my favorite colors in one card. Fantastic!

For more cards and where to buy all of these check out my Get Carded Pinterest Board.

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