Friday, November 4, 2011

In "Stitches"

Ooooh bonus post because I forgot about up dating you on my Pinterest Challenge. Well I've finished and I'm 95% happy with the out come of my little interpretation.
In case you forgot here is my inspiration image. This cute "cross stitched" bedroom wall.
And here is my finished project. I'm not ready to commit to painting hundreds of little Xs all over my wall (yet), so on a canvas was the way to go. To begin, after much trial and error I ended up drawing a 1/2 inch grid out in pencil (I wanted to use a while colored pencil, but (perhaps as a sign that I am getting older) I could not see the lines well enough (or at all) so I gave up on that idea and just went with the regular pencil (warning if you do this, you will end up with a hand, wrist and arm covered in pencil). I then just painted bunches of little Xs by following half of this cross stitch pattern. I went with a wild rose because I knew that for now I was going to hang the painting in my living room and my new rug (I should show you a picture of my new rug, shouldn't I?) has a more traditional rose print on it.
And and action shot. I need to hang it a little higher and I think I might go back and "erase" the grid with white paint and maybe add a little gold around the edge.
So have you ever made anything from pinterest? Let me know I'd love to check it out!


  1. That's really pretty! I think I'd go back and paint over the grid, though it does add interest to the background.

    I've made a few things from Pinterest - sometimes wit more success that others :)

  2. This looks great Libby!! Not that I'm a bit surprised! You're so talented!

    1. Thanks Mary! I can't believe you haven't been over to see it in person. It has been far to long!


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