Thursday, June 7, 2012

List: Summer Wish List

There is no denying that summer is here. So I've been thinking about my summer wish list. You know a list of things I hope to do this summer. To start though I thought I'd list a few things I have already done.
  1. Attend the annual Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox church in town. I have wanted to check this out for years. It was great fun, next year I'll get together a bunch of folks to head out grab some dinner and enjoy the music and dancing.
  2. Watch my youngest brother graduate from high school. Ike not only graduated last Sunday, as class president he gave a speech, that was both funny an moving! The kid also made all state at the State Track and Field meet the day before!
  3. Plant some flowers. This isn't actually going all that well. I think I killed some of my tubers before I even put them in the ground (oy!), but my bright pink Geraniums seem to be doing well.
  4. Go yard saling. Last Saturday a whole bunch of us girls made a day of it visiting a big neighborhood wide yard sale and grabbing lunch.
Now on to the TO DO list!
  1. Take bike rides!
  2. Visit my brother's family in Virginia.
  3. Have a new profile picture taken for the blog (and all my other online haunts).
  4. Grill out.
  5. Swim.
  6. Spend a day on Big Water (that would be at one of the lovely Great Lakes).
  7.  Go to the movies.
  8. Visit with old friends.
  9. Bake a cake.
  10. Go to the fair.
  11. Watch fireworks.
  12. Paint my front door.
  13. Organize the office.
  14. Eat outside.
  15. Cheer on the Tigers at a game.
  16. Visit a big city.
  17. Take a road trip.
  18. Wear a fancy hat.
  19. Drink ice tea.
  20. Sew.
  21. Read.
  22. Walk in a parade.
  23. Meet new people.
  24. Spend time with my family.
  25. Dance.


  1. Are you walking in the parade this weekend? Joboy might have to be your escort! I may be able to help out with the profile pic. Or Bre'Anna!

    1. No parade for me today. I hope the kids had fun! I just might have you help with the picture.

  2. I want to help with the swimming and old friends! I want to have you ladies out to our beach!


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