Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Live: Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Really I didn't have any intention to talk about the Ann Arbor Summer Festival this year, but then the ads kept popping up online and I saw the program my parents brought home from the Al Green show they went to on Saturday that was part of the Festival and I was smitten with the art work. A quick google search later and I know that the work was done by Tony Godzik. I love everything about the work that he has done from the colors to the lettering. Doesn't it just scream SUMMER?!?
 Come on this is so good! Plus I heard this morning on the radio that you can still get tickets to see Ira Glass this Saturday - I'll be there so you know all to cool kids are going! So I had to let you know about that. And if you are around you will maybe want to make it out to one of the free concerts or movies shown at Top of the Park as part of the festival. I plan on getting there at least one night this year.
Hummm after all this chatter I'm really looking forward to hanging out in A2 this summer. Anyone else heading out to take part in the festival? Do ever find your self smitten with someones creative work?

p.s. I don't know anything about Nellie McKay, but don't you want to see her show after looking at that ad. Such good work, I tell ya!

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