Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Read: Summer Reading Program

When I was younger I loved taking part in our local library's summer reading program. I loved spending time   among the shelves of books, breathing in that glorious old book smell and plotting the books I would read to fill in the lines of my reading chart. I was a real pro and always finished my goal well before it was time to return to school reading. I loved being able to pick all my own books to read without my mom or someone else telling me what I should be reading. So with all that in mind I have decided to embark on a summer reading program all my own this year. I have chosen 12 books to challenge myself with. Some I have wanted to read for a while, some are new and some are from authors I have already fell in love with and am working my way through all their works. 

  • The Poisonwood Bible is one of those books that I have been interested in for a long time, but never really did any thing about reading it, until I found a copy at the thrift store for 40 cents, I'll stick it on my bedside table and be through it quickly I'm sure.
  • I have listened to three Lisa See books on CD in the last two months, but my library is out so I've moved onto the books in print. Peony in Love is next on my list.
  • Under the Tuscan Sun is my "must watch when it is on TV" movies, I have seen at least a dozen times (though the first time I saw the moving was on a flight coming home form Italy) and love that part of the world so much, I'm not sure how I have gone so long without reading it.
  • My cousin Elisha recommended The 19th Wife to me on Easter 2011, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.


  • Divergent; dystopian YA lit-sign me up!
  • I've been meaning to read Erin Morgenstiern's The Night Circus for a while now, I guess I just needed to get it down on a paper (screen) to get to it.
  • MWF seeking BFF a full quarter of my books are what I would call "light" non-fiction, that type of book is one of my favorites, I'm really looking forward to reading all of them.
  • Arcadia is my number one can't wait to read it book on this list. It sounds so interesting.

I used Goodreads to organize my list, I find the site to be a great way to plot future readings. Are you taking on any summer reading goals? Did you love the summer reading programs when you were a kid? What books would you suggest I or anyone else read this summer?


  1. I may have just added all of these books to my kindle wish list. Still need to figure out how to borrow kindle books from the library. I know I can rely on you to find awesome novels! The 19th Wife looks awesome!

  2. Lyd, I have a few of the books already and I will gladly pass them along to you as I finish them up.


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