Saturday, May 5, 2012

So So So So So Cute!

I saw so many cute things today. So I thought I'd hop on for a Saturday afternoon post to share my top three.

  1. Just after the sun rose this morning, I was making my usual early Saturday morning drive out to my weekly 7 a.m. meeting, when I drove past a field that has newly become the home of a herd of very beautiful cows, I saw all the sweet little babies nursing. It was so so so so so cute! No really I would have pulled over and taken a picture if I had the time. 
  2. This afternoon I found the cutest tiny little hot pink cactus at the store, but I'll share more on that later!
  3. On my drive home from the store I saw this super cute older couple riding together on their mower. That would so be my mom and dad, if they didn't live downtown. 
That picture of my brother's dog Amelia has nothing to do with this post. Only she is pretty cute!

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