Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch Out For My Roots or Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Today we are going to get a little personal, we are going to talk about one of my favorite people in all the world. Her name is Kelsey. I think we first met in 2007, though it might have been 2008 - that isn't really the point of this story so we aren't going to worry about it. The story I want to tell you begins in March of 2008, I think it was a Tuesday (I think that, because, if memory serves, at that time Tuesdays were cheap days at our local movie theater), but I could be wrong, what I do know is that is was soggy and dark (am I the only one that has a strong memory of weather around events, I think I can tell you what the weather was like on any given day far better than I could tell you what someone was wearing or what we talked about?). This March night Phoebe and I had plans to see a movie we had been waiting for a long time to see. We were really excited to see the film Penelope and when our brothers girlfriend, in town with him on spring break, said she'd like to come we were happy to have the company. I'll have to ask Phoeb about it, but I think that night we both knew. We knew like you know about a song that you will one day love the first time you hear it on the radio, we knew that we loved Kelsey. I think even then as we drove home talking about Penelope's great clothes and the sweet message of like yourself the way you are, we knew that Kelsey was going to be an important person, the kind of person that even when you don't see them for years they will pop into your mind from time to time, the kind that when you get the chance to spend time together the hours can just slip away because you are having such a wonderful time - we knew Kelsey felt a lot like a sister.

Sometime not that long after that visit Sam and Kelsey broke up and we (my sister and I) didn't see her again for a very long time. But you know sometimes those things have a way of working themselves out. About a year later one of our other brothers, Andrew married a great gal (we LOVE Lauren!!!) and the sister side of our family grew. For a girl that never wanted sisters I had been really blessed with one actually factual sister that was, as we like to say in our family: "Just I need" and the perfect sister in-law to counter act a lifetime of brothers. But I'll say this, some of us (me and Phoebs and maybe that brother) never completely got over Kelsey. I'm not sure you will understand this unless you have brothers of marrying age, but there is this odd thing about sisters in-law, for most of us girls we are closer to our sisters than we are to just about any other persons on earth and in a perfect world your sister in-law can feel just as close as a sister that is your flesh and blood.

So when that day came almost three years later when after a reunion Sam asked Kelsey to marry him. There were at least two people who were secretly saying "I knew it!". They were married last September and now Kelsey really is our sister. She is an amazing woman and her love is one of the best things that has ever happened to our brother. Today is her birthday so it seems right and proper to give her her dues.

Happy Birthday Kelsey - I always knew we were meant to be sisters!

P.S. The post title is a little joke for Kelsey, a line from our favorite commercial that come on a lot while we were watching out favorite show (The Voice!).

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