Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make: (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World Blanket

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Oh how I love finished projects and and love sharing them here almost as much! This cozy little zig-zagy number is a gift for my niece Emmylou and was made to match her nursery. But it is easily one of my favorites. Okay, let's dig into the details of this petite cutie.

The Yarn:
Lions Brand Wool-Ease in Ranch Red, Grey Heather & White Frost
Wool-Ease is not my favorite yarn, but it works well for baby blankets because it is both soft and washable. Also the white was kinda weird and fuzzy, so the next time I am working on a project with white yarn I will be looking for something else first.

The Pattern:
I use a very basic peaks and valley pattern for my ripple blankets.
Foundation: Chain multiple of 17 (ei: 170) then 15 to finish foundation. Chain 2 turn.
Row 1: hdc into 3rd chain from hook, hdc into next 6 st, hdc 3x into next st, hdc into next 7 st, skip 2 st, *hdc into next 7 st, hdc 3x into next st, hdc into next 7 st, skip 2 st* repeat from * until last 15 st then **hdc into next 7 st, hdc 3x into st, hdc into next 7 st chain 2 turn**.
Row 2-end: repeat * until last 15 st then repeat from **
Chang colors between rows as desired. For this blanket I changed colors every 3 rows for the gray and white stripes and the red stripe was 6 rows.

As for the name/song. I named blanket after the song I listened to/sang around the house the most while I was working on it. My love for the Monkees knows no end!

This is just the start of my baby (blanket) boom, so get ready for more small looped and hooked projects to come!

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