Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspire: March

Woohoo another month, another chance to share a few of the good things I've found around the internet. Ready? Okay!

Listen: The Joy the Baker Podcast - so fun, I feel like Joy & Tracy are like the big sisters I never had.

Change: See Something Say Something by A Blog About Love - share the love, help someone have a better day.

Live: The Six Types of Friends Everyone Should Have - how many of these types of friends do you have?

Celebrate: My Party Closet by Oh Happy Day - be ready to throw a party at a minutes notice.

Decorate: Amazing Printable Vintage Prints - did I mention they are free!?! I am equal parts fascinated by & creeped out by this octopus print.

Make: Crochet Llama - so adding this guy to my to hook list.

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