Friday, March 8, 2013

Eat: Fish Fry

Even though the ground is still covered in snow I had this feeling today that winter is ending. Yes March can be snowy and it will definitely be cold, but still I know our days together are numbered. So I am trying to embrace winter at every turn. Otherwise these last few weeks can end up feeling dull and gray.

Two weeks ago on one of my favorite kinds of winter days, when we have snow in the morning, but it warms up in the afternoon so you get a wonderful misty fog by early evening, we had a family fish fry. Days like that make me extra glad to come from a big, close family. About twenty of us gathered at my Aunt and Uncle's house for a time of family fellowship. My dad and my Uncle Steve spent the evening frying fish on the patio with everyone else contributing in there own way (making salads, baking cornbread muffins, walking to the corner store for pop and beer, bringing babies).

A couple of cuties in their makeshift kitchen; my uncle and my dad!


Pete, like everyone else, liked watching the action outside.

Some cousins meeting for the first time.

Things moved fast and everyone had more than their fill of fish and it was a perfect way to spend time together enjoying a warm (for winter) Friday night and a wonderful meal. It is fun to celebrate holidays together, but I love this kind of casual, low key, relaxed family times most of all!

Do you have casual get togethers with your family? Is your dad really into cooking in his new deep fryer? No, just mine? I'd love to here about how you get through the inbetweeny times of life!


  1. I love homemade fried fish! That looks delicious. It reminds me of dinners at my cottage when I was younger, and my uncle would always cook up all the fish he caught for us to eat.

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. Ahh I think the only thing that would make a homemade fish fry better would be if you had fresh fish!
      Thanks for stopping by, off to check out your blog!


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