Monday, March 18, 2013

Live: Let's Get Personal

I've been trying for write a post for the last few days and nothing seems to come to me as worth spending the time to sit down and write, but then I started thinking about what else is filling my mind these days and then this post sorta wrote it's self. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the way I spend my time, the things I enjoy and the lifestyle I want to have. Naturally this little blog was part of those considerations and I realized that I wanted to make a few changes around here.The biggest way I want to changing things, is to be personal.

So what does that mean? There will be a slight change of tone (I've actually never really settled on a good tone in my writing, so this is a good thing), you can expect less "here is something pretty" posts and more "here is what I have been doing/working on/loving/using/making" posts. Basically I want to put a little bit more me in this blog, really turn it into how I'm working on Building Something Good. (If you've ever wondered why I named this blog Building Something Good, check out the up dated About page for a quote from the poem that started it all.)

Now in the spirit of getting to know you here is a little list of 5 little facts about me:
1. I have never used an eyelash curler, I have fairly curly eyelashes naturally and those curlers creep me out!
2. I don't like avocados.
3. My freshman year of college was the first time I ever shared a bedroom.
4. I'm a big fan of car dancing, love to do it, love to see others doing it.
5. I can watch movies that I love over and over and over again. Most of my favorites I have seen at least a dozen times.

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