Friday, July 15, 2011

Make: All Day & All of the Night Baby Blanket

I started this blanket a million years ago and finally finished it, just in time for the birth of another little friend! As almost always I used knit picks yarn, in shine sport this time, I don't remember the names of the colors though - might be caution and high dive. There is no pattern for this bad boy it is just one giant granny square I love how it turned out I really do, but I will say there were far to many ends to weave in for my taste (if you are ever with me when I am crafting this is a normal whine of mine, it is horrid I need to stop being such a baby about weaving in ends, but my word they suck!). So there you go a nice light summery baby blanket named after a rockin' song by The Kinks!

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