Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come on in and take a look around - Kitchen

When I was taking the pictures of the iced tea I wrote about yesterday I thought it might be fun to give you a look tour of how the kitchen looks right now. Some day I plan on painting the walls white and I need to tile the back splash sooner than that, but here is what things look like these days. This corner (you can see the whole thing better on the "change something good" button) is one of my favorite parts of my whole house. The yellow utensil holder is actually a planter from Target and the vintage nut grinder came from my great grandma's kitchen via my grandma on my mom's side.
I do not fear nick-nacky things so I like stuff like bunches of salt and pepper shakers lined up a long the back of the stove. That star burst clock doesn't work, yet, but it is so cool I don't want to wait until after I get it working to hang it up. The yellow blender is Cooks brand from JC Penney (It looks like they are on clearance now, I actually think they were on clearance when my mom bought mine for Christmas) its is totally cute and retro.
Okay here you go you can see in this shot that the kitchen is kinda small and doesn't really have much counter space. Oh and the floor, I HATE the floor, I'd like a nice black and white tiled floor like this. Lets see the rug I've had for a long time it is yellow and white squares and has seen better days, but much like my beloved pink and blue plaid chairs I can't replace it until I find another that's just the same! The pot holder hanging on the stove is Orla Kiely for Target, I also have a table cloth that matches. And the fridge covered in stuff, that is one of my favorite things to see in anyone's home tour all the junk they stick to their fridges.
Looking into the kitchen from the other side. You can see just little of the Best Year Ever calendar on the side of the fridge.
Final shot a close up of this funny little collection on the back of the stove, complete with a big mouthed Cherry Chomper and a light up garden gnome!


  1. Libby, u have a true talent for decorating. Your home looks so inviting, and most definitely reflects your personal funky retro taste- I love it! Hope to see your work in person someday :) ___emily reyes

  2. Thanks Emily! I'd love to have you over for an afternoon, you can just swing by when ever you want the drive from Vegas isn't that bad!


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