Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Come on in and take a look around - Dining Room

Did you like last weeks look around the kitchen? You did, good because this week we are going to take a quick look see about the dining room. The dining room is painted the same light blue as the kitchen and has the same blah flooring, but that isn't really all that important because for all it's faults the dining room has wonderful windows that fill the room with the most beautiful golden light in the early evening just as I'm arriving home from work.
I was still in college when I found the yellow dishes (that if you have been following the blog for a while you might remember used to be the header), I loved the color and design so much I bought them even though I had no use for them and they were not a full set. Over the years I have added some other white and yellow pieces into the mix. These dishes are the inspiration for the yellow in the kitchen.
Along the wall covered in weird 70's faux wood paneling I have framed a post card collection from The Black Apple. I think the bearded lady is my favorite!
Okay some details, the table cloth (crooked) is from Target, but the last time I was there I didn't see them any longer, so I think they are done selling it. The chairs were found by my brother Sam at a consignment shop in Ann Arbor, they are not the forever option, but work well for now. The table was free from someone moving and has a very cool feature where the sides fold down and the whole table goes down to about two feet across. I just have simple white sheers on the windows because I like as much light as possible to come in during the day. The carnival glass is from my grandma (she always passes along green glass when she finds it because she knows how much I like it). I made the paper chains just for the fun of it a while ago and can't bring myself to take them down (ever!).

Yay! I hope you have enjoyed having these little looks into my home. I really love creating spaces that are totally me!

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