Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caught on Film

This week is all about the fun extra bonus posts! There is a movie being filmed across the street from my mom and dad's for the next week and a half and I am a little crazy obsessed with the way they have done up the house for all it's late 60's glory.
I know that the swing is from Athro, but I wish I knew where the chair was from. So cool and groovy.
Please don't get me started on the bikes, they are way to much. I'm still hoping to score a tour of the house, though I'm not counting on it. Maybe they will just let me move in after they are done filming!


  1. Is this the house your parents wanted us to buy!? Crazy!!

  2. Did they want you to buy this one? The people who bought it haven't even moved in yet so having a movie filmed there isn't such a big deal.


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