Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make: Daisy Daisy Baby Blanket (with only one picture and it isn't a good one either, sigh)

Last week I took a few days off so I though this week I'd change up my normal posting for the rest of this week. One of my 28 Things to do While 28 is to finish 28 projects. I am counting this as my first finished project, though I think I might have finished it the night before I turned 28. For this baby blanket I returned to the much loved by me African Flower pattern, it might be my favorite one yet (are you one of those people that the last thing you worked on is always your favorite? I kinda am) so I am bummed that I didn't get a better picture. Oh well maybe I'll just have to make another!
Here are the details:
African Flower Pattern (I use the English translation from Flickr)
Knit Picks Yarn Shine Worsted in:
Creme Brulee (it looks like they don't have this color any more)

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