Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GIVE AWAY! These are a few of my favorite things

Hi Friends! I have been wanting to pull together both a "favorite things" post and maybe a little give away. And then it hit me, as it is my 28th birthday this week I could put together a list of 28 of my favorite things AND give some lucky reader a birthday gift for my birthday!

28 of my favorite things:
1. Vintage Pyrex - here is your first give away item, a little blue Pyrex dish
2. Dahlias - I have a great big pot of them growing on my front porch
3. The Color Yellow - I love it ever where, except in clothes
4. The smell of fresh cut grass - don't we all love this?
5. Vintage Brooches and Sweater Guards - what you don't have at least a dozen brooches (and when I say a dozen I mean like three dozen) in your jewelry box (and by box I mean boxes)
6. Black Berry Ice Cream Sandwiches - I wish I could send you some, you must try them - you must!
7. Going to the movies on a hot summer night - I used to really love this when I lived with out air conditioning, there is something kinda magic about sitting in a cool dark room watching a great story while it is 90 degrees outside
8. "I've Got This Friend" By The Civil Wars - I love this song so much I want to send it to you on itunes (and if you already have it, great I'll send Adele's "Rummer Has It" and if you already have that I'll buy you "Your Smiling Face" By James Taylor and if you have that we should totally be BFF, you know!)
9. Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin Movies - That Funny Feeling is my Fave!
10. Pink Sheets - Actually I find that I like pink everything these days.
11. Sinful Colors Nail Polish - I love this stuff and at only $1.99 a bottle you can buy it in every color, and just because you are so nice I'm going to get you started with a bottle of "Soul Mate"
12. Anthro's Latte Bowls - they are the work horses of my kitchen I use at least one every day.
13. Buttons - I have a slight obsession with buttons, ask my friends they'll tell you, and I'm going to pass on some lovely vintage nuggets to on to you.
14. Cherries - My all time favorite fruit
15. Garden Gnomes - what can I say I have a soft spot for those little guys
16. Milk Glass - this stuff always reminds me of my Grandma Fink, red roses in a milk glass vase to be exact
17. Elephants - they have been my fave animal as long as I remember
18. Knit Picks Yarn - the best price/quality mix
19. Green Clover Candles from Target - They smell like early summer and I'm going to send you some to enjoy
20. Old Family Photos - remind me that some day I want to show you this great picture of my Great Grandpa Fink from college, it involves a black bear
21. Trader Joe's Vanilla Box Cake - my go to cheater cake
22. Paper Chains - is it weird that I leave paper chains up in my dinning room all the time? no, didn't think so
23. Blank Cards - I mostly buy blank cards, they work great for birthdays, babies, bridal showers and wedding and to just send a quick note
24. Burt's Beeswax Chap-stick - who's with me? good its in the give away box!
25. The Library - I don't think I need to explain my love of the library to you, but did you know the smell of the library is a whole other love of mine?
26. Hanging out with my little sister - I would give this away if I could, but I don't think she would agree to go hang out with someone she didn't know, unless there was going to be candy, a trip to the movies, or lots of Psych or Pushing Daisies watching going to happen
27. Sharpie Pens - I have you tried these? no? okay sending a few your way
28. Surprise Packages - and I hope you do too!

Wow, that was far harder that I though it would be. I hope that there were some new things you hadn't heard of before.

What you will win:
Anything that is indicated above, plus some other surprises!

Now how to win:
1. leave a comment on this post
2. follow the blog, leave a new comment
3. follow me on twitter (libbysomething), leave another comment
4. share a few of your favorite things on your blog, twitter or facebook linking back to the blog and leaving yet another comment
(If you already follow me on twitter or follow the blog just leave a comment!)

I will leave the give away open for a week picking the winner next Monday!


  1. Hi!

    I LOVE your favorite things, except the fresh cut grass. I know it is a bummer, but when I smell the grass so fresh my allergies go crazy, so I avoid it as much as possible! My favorite smell is of lilacs on a breeze, yum the smell of spring.

    Thanks for doing this, how fun! :)

  2. Yeah! I am now following your blog. I can't wait to see what you will have to say next.

    Have something good! :)

  3. Ok, while I know that twitter is popular, I unfortunately have not yet dabbled. My blog, facebook, moderating 3 yahoo groups and email keep my plenty busy so it has not been a high priority. Do I still have a shot?


  4. Ok, I am back again with my blog post and I linked to your blog! I hope you enjoy it!



  5. I have updated and added some so you can check it out again. Thanks so much for inspiring me Elizabeth!

  6. You picked some great things.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  7. Here is my step 1 :) steps 2-4 to follow.

    <3 your future BFF,

  8. Step 2! :) I am now a proud follower.


  9. Step 3 - following you on twitter (though I actually never use twitter) ;)

  10. Step 4 - linked you on facebook and listed some favorite things. I would have written a blog, but I have been sick all week :(

  11. I got here via Lydia's blog and I love milk glass too!

  12. I am entering! :) I love your list of favorites. Many are my favorites too - sharpies really are the best.

  13. If I don't win I am going to have to check out Green Clover Candles at Target. They sound yummy :)

  14. I am now following your blog.

  15. I shared on facebook…. My neighbor's daughter, Libby, is hosting a giveaway on her blog. It ends today so go check it out. Her post is about 28 of her favorite things… here are a few of my favorites… 1. listening to my baby laugh, 2. taking pieces of fabric and sewing them into a quilt, 3. reading a good book, 4. spending time with my girlfriends, 5. hanging out with my family (this is in no particular order!)

  16. Oh Libbby, I love so many of your favorite things! Milk glass -- love!

  17. and I'm following you on twitter too. :)

  18. I came over from Mel's fb and Lydia's blog. What fun!

  19. Following your blog now too!

  20. And following on twitter too :)

  21. Those are great!

  22. Happy birthday, Elizabeth. What a decidedly summery list of favorite things--I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  23. New follower ;)

  24. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your favorite things with us!


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