Friday, June 17, 2011

Today: 28 things to do while 28

This morning I woke up early, the sun was just starting to shine into my windows and the birds were chirping sweetly. I normally roll over and go back to sleep when this six o'clock wake up call comes around, but today I had a plan. I zipped up a hoodie, pulled on some jeans, slipped on a pair of flip flops, grabbed a pen, a note pad, my bible and some clippers and headed out side. I don't use my front porch as much as I'd like, to tell the truth it gets a little hot out there in the afternoons and a little buggy at night, but this morning it was lovely. I set down my belongings and puttered about the yard for a bit, I snipped a few roses to put in my bathroom and looked for new buds on my Dahlia plants then settled in to write a list. A list of 28 Things I hope to do while 28.
The list is mix of the serious and the silly. I hope to ride my bike more and visit friends and family from the East Coast to Chicago. I want to learn how to knit and organize my craft room. I am trying to memorize 28 bible verses, write 28 letters and read 28 books over the next 366 ('12 is a leap year you know!). Every year I like to set goals on my birthday things I'd like to do or see or begin that year, I'm not always the best at accomplishing those goals, but they are always fun to make!

Do you do this? What kind of goals are you setting for your self these days?

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  1. Found you through Mabel's House. Oh, how I love your blog! You will be seeing a lot of me around here in the future. :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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